• The Humber as it is today at Gavin's long-time residence in Governors Bay almost 60 years after restoration.

Young Gun – Humble Humber

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Gavin Bain was only 14 when his father took him to see the start of a VCC rally in front of the Canterbury Museum on Rolleston Avenue. He vividly remembers seeing the cars lined up in front of the impressive gothic revival building. “I thought, crikey I wouldn’t mind something like that!” The thought, however, [...]

  • The writer’s first visit was 1960 where John Mansel won an exciting race, showing skill and courage to win in the Maserati 250F. His distinctive ‘leaning’ driving style is evident (Photo Euan Sarginson/Terry Marshall Archives)

Classic Motorsport – Those Waimate Meetings

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There’s a special place in the hearts of all those who witnessed any of the Waimate 50 race meetings, from the first one on January 31, 1959, to the final on February 5, 1966. In many ways the Waimate 50 was a special event, and the first Waimate meeting was also a milestone in the [...]

  • Denny Hulme in the Istel Rover winning the 1985 Silverstone TT 3 Hour race with Jeff Allam

Allan Scott and TWR: Part Two – The Kiwi and Tom Walkinshaw

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At the end of Part One, Allan Scott had just joined Tom Walkinshaw Racing to work on that team’s Mazda RX‑7 racing rotary engines, and even at this early stage he had already learnt something about the manner in which Walkinshaw ran his team. Although Allan had been assured that he would be working on [...]

  • This is a chapter from Steve Holmes’ new book, Historic New Zealand Racing Cars. The book traces the histories of eighteen cars whose stories are intertwined with New Zealand, and New Zealanders, including their design, racing careers, and fate thereafter. The cars featured include single seaters, sports cars, and saloons, from the 1940s through to the 1980s. Some of the cars featured were designed and built in locally. Others were of international origin, but whose histories are deeply rooted in New Zealand. But together they represent a golden era in New Zealand motor racing history. The book will be released in July, and available at all good book sellers

Historic New Zealand Racing Cars – Ford Capri RS2600: Part One

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Fahey was already a successful businessman when he first started car racing, so this was a hobby for him and not a career move. However, he approached his racing as if he were a professional. He always had the best equipment and hired the best personnel. He was very well connected internationally, and these connections [...]

  • Bob and Julie at speed at Leadfoot Festival, not only with the correct attire but also the correct ‘lean’ into the corners! (Photo Jarod Carruthers)

Time Traveller – 1928 Model A Ford Boat-Tail Racer

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This fantastic little racer started its life in Michigan, where an original Model A Ford was stripped down to be built into what is considered one of the most well-proportioned speedsters or racers. Built as a dual-purpose vehicle it was used in classic racing as well as on the street for parades and touring. Over [...]

A Charger for Susanne

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When Chrysler launched the Valiant in Australia in 1962, they had an instant winner on their hands with demand constantly outstripping supply. Part of the reason for the Valiant’s success was its superb US-sourced 225ci slant-six engine. With 108kW on tap, this engine had around double the output of its contemporary Holden rivals at the [...]

  • At a Nissan Mobil meeting in Wellington in the late 1980s. Note the wire wheels (Photo Euan Cameron)

Bert Govan’s Jaguar Mk2

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Bert Govan has raced the same 3.8 Jaguar Mk2 in South Island classic racing events since the mid-1980s, having originally purchased the car when he was just 13 years old. In that time he has seen the Mk2 evolve its status from that of a good-looking English sports and racing saloon to full-blown classic. Bert’s [...]

Young Gun – Top Cat

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For many of us our childhood memories help shape and mould us into the people we are today. I know that I certainly am drawn to special places, people, things and cars that were a part of my life while growing up. For some, memories are better than the reality, but for others the reality [...]

  • Allan working on an engine in the early 1980s

Allan Scott and TWR: Part One – The Kiwi and Tom Walkinshaw

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Born in the South Otago town of Balclutha, Allan Scott traces his interest in machinery back to when he was 13 years old. By that time he was living in Dunedin and, along with his uncles, during school holidays Allan worked at his grandparent’s large farm 90 kilometres from his home; not long after the [...]

  • Motorman created this fantastic split cover shot for its July 1970 issue to illustrate Coppins and Dawson being crowned dual champions

The Frank Bryan/Red Dawson Shelby Mustang Part TWO

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Norm Barry took possession of his Mustang in June 1967. It was tested a couple of times at Willow Springs, before Barry and an unknown co-driver raced it at the Riverside 6 Hour event, in early July, under the name El Sugundo. Kiwi Bruce Newell crewed on the car. The pair finished second. Before shipping [...]