Cento Zagato

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This is a tale I’ve told before, but I like it so here it is again. As a young lad growing up in the 1960s, the first time I ever came across the Zagato name was when I read Ian Fleming’s book On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In that book, the Bond girl who would [...]

The Bavarian Boomerang

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Many of us have owned the same classic car twice in our lifetime. Some of us have regretted going back as our rose-tinted memories can mislead us as to how good that first experience actually was. I am guilty of this and must say that twice I have re-purchased a past vehicle and both times [...]

  • The Golden Masters (left to right): Warwick Brown, Johnny Walker, Kevin Bartlett (Australia), Graeme Lawrence, Sir Jack Brabham, David Oxton, Chairman Laurie Brenssell, Chris Amon, Ken Smith, Jim Palmer and John Cannon (Canada)

’93-’94 Telecom Classic Motorfest

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So positive was the reaction that a committee was formed, and negotiations began to secure local body support and obtain a track licence. The key to its success was the involvement of four key motorsports people, already known within motor racing circles, who had the event experience to put this together. They then established a [...]

  • Tulloch at full-tilt at Pukekohe. As well as contesting the South Island OSCA series, he also ventured to the North Island on a regular basis. The North-South grudge-matches brought the fans out in their droves (Photo Ross Cammick)

Ford Capri RS2600: Part Two

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Fahey’s RS2600 had proven its capabilities against the American muscle cars throughout the 1974 season but lacked the power of the big V8s. Although a Cosworth GAA at 328kW (440bhp) was still at least 75kW down on the best local V8s, as a package weighing less than a ton the Capri possessed a huge weight [...]

Mortimer Motorsports – Classic Kiwi Collectors

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I first met Warwick Mortimer in October 2003 while supervising a photoshoot at Sylvia Park in Mt Wellington. At that time 16 years ago, the maze of ex-Army storage buildings (built on the site during the 1940s) were earmarked for demolition, with work on the present-day shopping mall due to begin a few months after [...]

  • V4-powered Saab 96 very much at home in the snow of Sweden

Saab’s Rally Experience

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Fulvio Bacchelli driving a Fiat Abath 131 won the 1977 Rally of New Zealand, but considerable attention went on the Finnish driver Ari Vatanen who took part in a Ford Escort RS1800. Vatanen finished second after having dropped from first place on day one to 32nd following an off-road excursion. Vatanen, who was to become [...]

  • Grahame hillclimbing in the Cooper-JAP, 1962–63 season (Grahame Harvey Collection)

The Life and Racing Times of Grahame Harvey, Part 1

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Auckland, New Zealand in the late 1940s/early ’50s was an international backwater, still suffering from the deprivation and restrictions of the post-war retrenchment. In hindsight it was a rather colourless era. The importation of goods was tightly controlled, and quite corrupt, with some officials often taking ‘favours’ from those wanting to bend the rules. Behind [...]

Passion in Motion – 2001 + 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider

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As Ferrari owners, Jo and John’s trip to Italy in 2015 wouldn’t have been complete without visiting Maranello to tour the factory, spend time and money in the factory shop and see where Enzo Ferrari used to dine in the famous Cavallino Restaurant. The couple expected a ‘normal’ town that happened to be the location [...]

  • On track and ahead of the pack

An Impulse Built On An Inspiration

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You may remember the British car brand Austin. Up in smoke along with most of the rest of the British motor industry due to doing just about everything wrong that was humanly possible to do wrong. “Orstin of England” latterly produced dull but honest family transport, and the popular image of an Austin owner would [...]

  • The Humber as it is today at Gavin's long-time residence in Governors Bay almost 60 years after restoration.

Young Gun – Humble Humber

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Gavin Bain was only 14 when his father took him to see the start of a VCC rally in front of the Canterbury Museum on Rolleston Avenue. He vividly remembers seeing the cars lined up in front of the impressive gothic revival building. “I thought, crikey I wouldn’t mind something like that!” The thought, however, [...]