For many of us our childhood memories help shape and mould us into the people we are today. I know that I certainly am drawn to special places, people, things and cars that were a part of my life while growing up. For some, memories are better than the reality, but for others the reality will always be very special.

For 30-plus years a small but beautifully detailed model of a early Jaguar has taken pride of place in Richard Todd’s office. This model not only represents special childhood memories, but his love of a specific era and, most importantly, his love for a marque he regards as being special.

As a child, Richard always had an eye for the interesting when it came to cars. Richard’s grandfather owned a Citroën Light 15 coupé and a Rover 2000 from new, at a time when ‘new’ really was quite something. Richard later purchased the Rover and used it for many years before selling it to a friend. Sadly the Light 15 coupé, a rare beast, was also sold and is believed to have gone offshore.

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