• Tulloch at full-tilt at Pukekohe. As well as contesting the South Island OSCA series, he also ventured to the North Island on a regular basis. The North-South grudge-matches brought the fans out in their droves (Photo Ross Cammick)

Ford Capri RS2600: Part Two

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Fahey’s RS2600 had proven its capabilities against the American muscle cars throughout the 1974 season but lacked the power of the big V8s. Although a Cosworth GAA at 328kW (440bhp) was still at least 75kW down on the best local V8s, as a package weighing less than a ton the Capri possessed a huge weight [...]

  • This is a chapter from Steve Holmes’ new book, Historic New Zealand Racing Cars. The book traces the histories of eighteen cars whose stories are intertwined with New Zealand, and New Zealanders, including their design, racing careers, and fate thereafter. The cars featured include single seaters, sports cars, and saloons, from the 1940s through to the 1980s. Some of the cars featured were designed and built in locally. Others were of international origin, but whose histories are deeply rooted in New Zealand. But together they represent a golden era in New Zealand motor racing history. The book will be released in July, and available at all good book sellers

Historic New Zealand Racing Cars – Ford Capri RS2600: Part One

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Fahey was already a successful businessman when he first started car racing, so this was a hobby for him and not a career move. However, he approached his racing as if he were a professional. He always had the best equipment and hired the best personnel. He was very well connected internationally, and these connections [...]

  • Motorman created this fantastic split cover shot for its July 1970 issue to illustrate Coppins and Dawson being crowned dual champions

The Frank Bryan/Red Dawson Shelby Mustang Part TWO

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Norm Barry took possession of his Mustang in June 1967. It was tested a couple of times at Willow Springs, before Barry and an unknown co-driver raced it at the Riverside 6 Hour event, in early July, under the name El Sugundo. Kiwi Bruce Newell crewed on the car. The pair finished second. Before shipping [...]

  • This is the warpaint the Mustang wore during the 1968/1969 season, when Red Dawson became the new owner. In late 1968, Dawson took the car to Australia to contest a handful of events, including the single-race ATCC. The Mustang was adorned with giant ‘NZ’ lettering on its rear flanks for the Aussie assault (Photo Mike Feisst)

The Frank Bryan/Red Dawson Shelby Mustang – Part One

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The Trans-American sedan series (Trans-Am) was almost certainly the world’s most famous, most successful saloon-car racing series during the late 1960s and early 1970s. A creation of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), the Trans-Am joined the Can-Am series for Group 7 unlimited sports cars, and Formula A/Formula 5000 series during the mid-1960s as [...]