1979 Ford Escort BDA – Silver Fern Escort

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Along with beach racing, timed trials were a major part of New Zealand’s early motoring scene while rallying, in a form we’d recognise it today, really didn’t appear until the mid-1960s with events such as the Hamilton Car Club-organised Rally of the Pines in 1966. The Auckland Car Club soon got in on the [...]

Christopher Arthur Amon – Genius

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When Chris Amon died on the 3rd of August this year at 73 years of age, there was a flood of tributes from around the world. Why? He had been a Grand Prix driver, he had been a co-winner of the Le Mans 24 Hour race, he had won the Tasman Series and he [...]

Chris Amon & The A40 Special

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Over the last month, many words have been written in praise of Chris Amon and, amongst all the potted retellings of his motorsport exploits, most have made mention of Chris’ first racing car. It has been interesting to note that some pundits still believe this car was an Austin A40 – presumably referring to [...]

Chris Amon and the Maserati 250F

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Ask motor racing enthusiasts to name the most beautiful grand prix car in history and most will say the Maserati 250F. However, the 250F appeared in a number of forms, guises and body shapes. Most were powered by the famous DOHC six, but in the latter part of the car’s history, some also got [...]

1970 Porsche 914/6 – Porsche with a Difference

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Not a few years ago, in a previous life, I lived in New Plymouth. My flatmate, who owned the house we occupied was trying to sell the place and I was killing time on a Sunday morning while the real estate agent held an open home. It was time to do what all guys [...]

1994 Ford Mondeo 2-litre Super Touring Car

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Tony takes to the track in the ex-Paul Radisich World Cup Ford Mondeo.