One early trip to Auckland before I had my Porsche, I met up with Percy Janson from Otane, Hawkes Bay (aka Captain Peter Janson of the Federal Hotel, later Windsor Hotel, Melbourne), diplomat and racing car driver. At that time he lived in Portland Road, Remuera, and owned, as well as other cars, a 1960/61 356B Porsche 75 coupé.

I enjoyed a very fast trip out to the airport through every red light and then back again in Janson’s Porsche – the car later being purchased by Ernest Vogtherr (Hastings Bacon Company) who was an avid art and china collector. I got to know Ernest Vogtherr well, and also the six Porsches he owned until his death in 1973.

Vogtherr‘s first Porsche was a 1959 356A Carrera Cabriolet 1600 GS with a removable hardtop that was originally Joe Gardner’s personal Porsche, and was sold to Vogtherr by Percy Janson, who worked for Gardner. The Carrera was later sold to Duncan Rutherford of Leslie Hills Station, a 3642-hectares holding in the Lewis Pass.

When Percy Janson was demonstrating the Carrera to Rutherford, he switched off both twin ignitions, wound the motor over and realised both ignitions were off, so he flicked them back on, in the process breaking the crankshaft.

As a result, Rutherford bought the car on the understanding that all the repair work would be done at Five Star Motors – the VW agents, Christchurch – using all new parts and gaskets, with the bill for labour being paid by Janson. The repair was completed as specified and the newly repaired Carrera, plus all the old parts, was duly delivered to Rutherford.

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