Nick Young and his TVR are quite the exception to this statement. Having owned some interesting classic cars and motorbikes over the years, Nick knew what he didn’t want when it came to purchasing a new toy, but the finer details of what he really wanted were only evident when he set his eyes on the 1995 S2 TVR Chimaera. “It has no power steering and no ABS, but plenty of raw power – all adding up to an exhilarating and pure driving experience,” he says.

I personally think that is an understatement. The 4-litre Rover V8 sitting under the light fibreglass bonnet of this wolf-in-sheep’s clothing has enough punch to leave you breathless. Add to that the intense sound being forced through the TVR’s exhaust system and the combination is truly intoxicating. Apart from the performance and the subtle yet slightly aggressive lines I was intrigued to find out what had drawn Nick to this British beast. After all, Nick is a mechanic and has a very successful business working on classic and modern cars of all makes and models. Surely he had heard the stories of the build quality of these vehicles?

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