As humans there are sounds we hear throughout our life that no matter where you are or in what situation you hear them, certain memories come flooding back. To me strangely, one of these sounds is the dull thud of a steel-framed, English-made aluminium door shutting against the body of a Land Rover.

In fact, the sound of a Land Rover Series door closing is as familiar to me as my alarm clock going off every morning. Unlike my alarm clock however, the sound I’m referring to fills my mind with fantastic memories of people, places and vehicles.

As we celebrate 70 years of the Land Rover it would be fair to say that this marque has earned ‘iconic vehicle’ status. And while I feel the word ‘iconic’ is something of an overused cliché when it comes to classic vehicles, really how else should you describe a vehicle that has been a constant for seven decades?

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