• The Carlos Neate Skyline GT-B in action at the one-off 1967 Timaru Road Race. Nobody really took a lot of notice of the car at this time – attention being captured by the battle up front beween the Custaxie, Mustang and fastback Anglias (Photo Terry Marshall)

The Carlos Neate 1967 Prince Skyline GT-B

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There were a couple of cars under covers in Bruce Moore’s workshop off Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch when I walked in – and one of them was a car I had not seen since 1967. It was the car I had driven up from Oamaru to see this day in late January 2020. And it [...]

Marbles: A Heart-To-Heart with Dennis Marwood

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The terms, ‘eternal youth’ and ‘open book’ might well have been conjured up for Dennis Marwood. Now well into his eighties, Dennis Jack Marwood retains an almost boyish enthusiasm for motor racing and his memory is as sharp as the proverbial tack, able to haul career facts from the back of his memory with the [...]

Vauxhall’s Vivacious Viva!

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Vauxhall introduced the very first Viva – a two-door saloon powered by a 1057cc four-cylinder engine – in 1963. Although the HA Viva’s box-like body wasn’t about to win any beauty contests, under the skin the car featured up-to-date features such as an all-synchro four-speed gearbox, rack-and-pinion steering and independent front suspension, while buyers could [...]

  • Always ready for a photograph – and with a smile

Paul Fahey: 
A Racer’s Racer!

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On Saturday, November 16, 1963 the New Zealand motor-racing establishment converged on Blenheim for the start of the 1963/1964 season on the street circuit out at Renwick. There were a lot of questions to be answered at this meeting because plenty had been happening during the winter months. For the followers of single-seater racing there [...]

Trevor Crowe

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Some memories of racing at the old Wigram airfield may have faded, but others will remain forever. It was always something of a mystery how those windswept and often baking-hot January days were to provide those memories, because the airfield was never designed with motor racing in mind. But, like many airfield circuits around the [...]