• Always ready for a photograph – and with a smile

Paul Fahey: 
A Racer’s Racer!

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On Saturday, November 16, 1963 the New Zealand motor-racing establishment converged on Blenheim for the start of the 1963/1964 season on the street circuit out at Renwick. There were a lot of questions to be answered at this meeting because plenty had been happening during the winter months. For the followers of single-seater racing there [...]

How to Restore a Historic Race Car on a Budget – and Survive! Part 2: The Three Rs – Restoration, Regulations and Racing

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Following a thorough examination by Collier Motor Engineers (CME) in Levin, my BMC single-seater project proved to be more than the simple reassembly task I had originally envisaged. At this stage (as stated in Part One of my tale) Sean, a newcomer, joined the CME team and was tasked with restoring the BMC’s chassis. At [...]

Trevor Crowe

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Some memories of racing at the old Wigram airfield may have faded, but others will remain forever. It was always something of a mystery how those windswept and often baking-hot January days were to provide those memories, because the airfield was never designed with motor racing in mind. But, like many airfield circuits around the [...]

BMC Mk II Formula Junior – How to Restore a Historic Race Car on a Budget – and Survive!

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The principal catalyst for this restoration project was probably the thought that it might be great to do something that would compensate for New Zealand’s loss of many of its old race cars from the 1950s and 1960s, especially given that many enjoyed their main racing life on our local raceways. So, at the back [...]

  • The Breadvan Ferrari – did it start it all?

Classic Racing – The Fastback Anglias

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Saturday, 6th of November 1965 saw the first major race meeting of the season. It was at Pukekohe and a non-championship meeting, but plenty of new car and new car/driver combinations were making their debut. A lot was expected, but plenty of eyebrows were raised when two new racing saloons appeared, both built in total [...]

Classic Racing Saloon – Tony Densem’s Holden Torana LH

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A fter a beginning where Jaguar and other British cars were at the sharp end, Ford’s Mustang proved to be a winner in 1965, while Holden posted its first championship win in 1970 with the Monaro HT GTS350. The Aussie influence began at that point, and ever since then Holden’s battle with Ford has, apart [...]

  • A fine study at Levels of the 1976 GTX Champion, Lindsay in his winning Porsche (Photo Terry Marshall)

“Gidday Shag!”

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It was one of the blackest times of my radio career. Five am on a dark, cold, mid-winter’s Friday morn in 1982 and I had phoned the Dunedin police as part of my early morning news-gathering tasks as News Editor at Radio 4XO. “Morning, it’s Allan Dick – anything happen overnight?” I asked the overnight [...]

Looking Ahead to This Weekend’s NZ Festival of Motor Racing

January 18th, 2017|Tags: , , , , , , |

The Kiwi leg of this season’s Tasman Revival series kicked off at Hampton Downs last weekend – with the next opportunity to catch a taste of F5000 thunder being this coming weekend’s NZ Festival of Motor Racing celebrating Ken Smith. Now aged 75, Smith is the defending SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup [...]

2016 NZ Silver Fern Rally

December 14th, 2016|Tags: , , , |

In theory, the Silver Fern Rally is a revival event, but in practice it’s much more, as the winner of this year’s 2,700km, seven-day odyssey from Christchurch to Gore and return, Ford Escort MkII RS 1800-driving Welshman Meirion Evans, confirmed on the final day. “It’s been an adventure, a challenge and overall just absolutely [...]

2017 New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing Celebrating Ken Smith

December 14th, 2016|Tags: , , , , |

On a stinking hot Canterbury day, a blustery norwest wind is whistling over the hills, picking up dust on the flat plains around Ruapuna race track and shooting it into every orifice within striking range. It’s the kind of day that turns everyone, including Cantabrians, a little bit loco. Still, the show must go [...]