• McLaren F1 and Can-Am cars – the papaya orange era

A European Odyssey: McLaren & Goodwood – Part 1

December 8th, 2019|Tags: , |

Bruce McLaren’s name is firmly etched into all motorsport enthusiasts’ memories, not only for those who witnessed his driving skills in this country throughout the sixties, but for the incredible legacy he left the world. For me, the opportunity after 50-plus years to finally be in a position to travel [...]

  • The 84G in Japan - it had been left to the mercy of the elements for 30+ years

Mazda and the Road to Le Mans

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In fact, you could argue that the Mazda rotary engine’s road to Le Mans actually began way back in 1967 when Takayoshi Ohashi – Mazda’s main Tokyo distributor – set up his own race team and tuning workshop. Calling his new firm ‘Mazda Sports Corner’, Ohashi ran cars both nationally and internationally. By 1982, Mazda [...]