I have always been a bit of a petrolhead. Even while growing up in a small rural town, trucks caught my attention every time they passed by. My parents were also into cars, and anything with a bit of noise that appeared to have a good turn of speed attracted my interest.

All that interest led to a dream of one day owning a Ford Falcon – a purple one! However, I always thought that I would likely be too old to enjoy such a car by the time I could finally afford to buy one.

Then I met my husband, Peter. He was known locally as the Mini man and, at the time of meeting him, he owned a couple of Minis, one of which was painted in Harlequin Purple and repowered with a Honda motor. This piqued my interest because that Honda engine meant speed and, of course, how could I resist that colour? Peter’s other Mini was a 1971 pickup. I thought it was the cutest thing in the world, although Peter hates referring to Minis as cute.

As we started going to events together, especially Mini and general car days, I started to get a feel for the Mini world and I was really beginning to see myself enjoying driving around in a Mini. And if it was purple, well that would be a real bonus! We went to one event where Peter took along his (now grey) Honda-powered Mini while I drove his Mini pickup. Driving with all the other Minis was the biggest buzz I had ever had!

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