The first season of Trofeo racing came after a group of enthusiastic Alfasud owners got together in July 1990. Having experienced difficulties being accepted into traditional classic car grids, they decided to form their own competition group. Since that time, almost 30 years ago, the Trofeo Series has evolved to include newer Alfa Romeo models as well as other Italian marques, while holding to the series’ original aims as the basis for any rule changes – that aim, as adopted on July 24, 1990 being to “promote fun, friendly, and relatively affordable motor racing”.

The independence in thinking and structure of the original membership, and of those who have raced in the series since, has contributed to a unique Trofeo culture. The series is run by the drivers and is organised by a committee elected at each AGM. All rule changes require a quorum of 60 per cent of financial members (drivers) for any amendment to be passed, ensuring that changes are fully supported by those active within the series. Design and branding of the Trofeo is led by long-time series member, Ant Gray. And it is the people who make the Trofeo Series successful. Driver camaraderie is also encouraged, with many prepared to raid their toolboxes and spare parts supplies, or join each other under the bonnet or under the car in order to get another driver back out on the track for the next race.

Although initially a race series for Alfasud and Alfa Sprint models, the Trofeo Series now includes four competitive classes for cars of different specifications and is known for its diversity of all Italian marques and its drivers, with men and women from most age groups and backgrounds finding that the series meets their need for speed. Trofeo Series drivers also have a strong history of contributing to volunteer official roles within New Zealand’s larger motorsport community.

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