As Ferrari owners, Jo and John’s trip to Italy in 2015 wouldn’t have been complete without visiting Maranello to tour the factory, spend time and money in the factory shop and see where Enzo Ferrari used to dine in the famous Cavallino Restaurant. The couple expected a ‘normal’ town that happened to be the location of the factory. Instead, they discovered the town lives and breathes Ferrari. It was a sensory overload. But while they loved every minute, they didn’t have time to take it all in.

Later, in Rome, they’d seen most of the ‘usual’ sights and booked a tour of the Vatican. The evening before the tour and their last day in Italy, Jo discovered they could take a fast train back to Maranello and spend most of a day there before returning to Rome. Back in Maranello they visited restoration shops and spent a couple of hours opposite the factory gates, simply watching the comings and goings – cars coming out assembled, and plastic-wrapped bodies going in, heavily disguised 488s under test. Wherever they went there were Ferraris. When Jo heard a late model one go by her reaction was, “We have to have one that sounds just like that!”

Two Ferraris

It happened sooner than she might have expected. They’d been thinking about a newer Ferrari as a stable mate for their Dino, and while they were travelling John was keeping watch on a 360 Spider being advertised online in Auckland. The asking price dropped substantially, so, from Italy, he arranged to view the car when they arrived home. He knew it’d had a chequered history during the previous 18 months.

Sold new in Auckland, its next owner lived in Picton and added most of the kilometres the car had travelled. It was for sale in Christchurch for several months and then reappeared in Auckland. Being a six-speed manual made it a little less desirable as everyone wanted the F1 transmission. How things change in four years – manuals.

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