As a young married couple in the early 1970s, Lloyd and Jennifer planned an overseas holiday, with the idea of buying a car for a tour and bringing it back home. Being afflicted from a very early age with a virulent and incurable form of what Lloyd describes as ‘Mad Car Disease’, he drew up a shopping list of ‘suitable’ vehicles to choose from – these included an Alpine A110, a Fiat Abarth 750, a De Tomaso Vallelunga, a Quattroruote Alfa Romeo 1750 Zagato, and a Morgan Plus Four Super Sports, all of which he naively imagined would be sitting everywhere on British roadsides with ‘for sale’ signs.

Following some actual research, Lloyd was brought rudely down to earth, so he wrote to the Morgan factory with the intent of ordering a new Morgan that would be available when they arrived in the UK in a year’s time. A nice letter from Peter Morgan explained that the factory couldn’t possibly build a car for them that quickly. He suggested writing to the Morgan Owners’ Club, which Lloyd did, and was advised to contact the magazine editor when they arrived in Britain.

When they arrived in London during May 1974, Lloyd called the editor, who’d just received an advertisement for a 1969 Cortina 1600-powered 4/4 two-seater. The owner had just taken delivery of a new four-seater, and was asking the trade-in value of £1000. In response to their interest, the editor drove from Cambridge to London, and took them to Manchester to view the car! It wasn’t a Super Sports, but it had only done 30,000 miles. It was white, the colour Lloyd least wanted, and was fitted with pressed steel wheels; he really wanted wires. It had a bench seat; he’d hoped for buckets. “Apart from that it was perfect,” says Lloyd with a wry chuckle. They bought it on the spot, tied their suitcase on the luggage rack and headed for Scotland, in the rain (it was summer, after all).

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