Like many of a certain age, blu-tacking that famous Alpine stereo poster of a Lamborghini Countach onto his bedroom wall was Darren O’Neil’s initiation into the world of supercars. At the age of fourteen the motoring bug had well and truly bitten.

Brought up in a pretty tough family “on the wrong side of the tracks”, Darren used his burgeoning interest in cars as a means of escaping into a world insulated from the everyday realities of life. But it wasn’t always about running away. Indeed, his growing enthusiasm for fast cars would become one of the factors that resolved Darren to work towards personal improvement.

Since those early years, his has strived to improve his life and today runs his own architectural business. Hard work and long hours over the years in a profession he loves has allowed Darren to indulge his passion for fast cars and he has owned everything from souped-up Minis to a Lotus Esprit S3 as well as newer machinery from Ferrari and Porsche.  “I just wanted to try every type of driving experience available, so over 30 years I bought and sold over 50 cars in search of the next high,” said Darren.

While loving all manner of cars, as he became more familiar with higher end machinery, he slowly began to develop a feeling of despondency with regard to newer automobiles, feeling that they were simply too fast, too perfect and too sanitised. And although he admits that there are some amazing vehicles out there, he was beginning to come to the realisation that, for him, they held little in the way of lasting entertainment value. He was becoming bored and began looking for other ways to replicate the buzz he’d once got from driving fast cars.

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