With autumn upon us, it’s comforting knowing that we’re heading into one of the best seasons for classic motoring. In my opinion, the golden tree-lined roads, cooler temperatures and clear crisp days are ideal conditions for any classic driver.

In fact, it was the genuine pleasure of real classic driving that brought Richard McGowan to own his 1990 964 Porsche 911 – although his earliest motoring memories involve his grandfather’s Wolseley 6/99.

“It was matte grey, the leather upholstery was all falling apart and had been stitched together with bailing twine,” recalls Richard. “I was very young then, but I remember he used to butcher sheep on the boot of it. It was an old car even then.”

In later years, from Richard’s one-third share in a Fiat Bambina and a similar arrangement with an early ID 19 Citroën, it would be fair to say that he was charting a path that was destined to lead him to drive and own some interesting cars and motorbikes through his younger years. “The ID 19 Citroën was from my university days, it was a car that had a very limited operating range before it would overheat – Auckland Central to Kohi Beach.”

Richard's Bridgestone-era 911 race-car

A Lancia Fulvia found in a paddock in Clevedon became a 10-year rebuild, not to mention an Alfa Romeo GT race car that eventually – and frustratingly – was written-off.

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