Saturday, 6th of November 1965 saw the first major race meeting of the season. It was at Pukekohe and a non-championship meeting, but plenty of new car and new car/driver combinations were making their debut. A lot was expected, but plenty of eyebrows were raised when two new racing saloons appeared, both built in total secrecy, and apart from colour both were so alike they could have been designed and built by the same person.

These were the twin-cam Anglias of defending champion Paul Fahey and newcomer David Simpson. The cars were al-most identical, down to having very similar streamlined noses. However, as astonishing as this was, more was to follow.

Fahey had a win that day and set a new lap record of 1.44.4s. A week later, both were on the small, rough, tough road circuit at Renwick where Simpson won after Fahey retired.
Then, three weeks later, at the season’s second meeting back at Pukekohe, both cars appeared with major and unusual body modifications.

Start of the saloons at Waimate 1966 with the Breadvans on opposite sides of the track. Back in the pack, the Rod Coppins Zephyr-Corvette positively ‘towers’

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