As well as being an historic and classic car enthusiast, I’m also a bit of a film buff. As a consequence, over recent years while viewing old or period movies I often find my attention drifting to the rare and classic cars that often appear in the films rather than to the films themselves.

This is separate to those that are specifically built around cars, where the list of films is extensive and includes the likes of The Yellow Rolls-Royce, Tucker, road movies such as Easy Rider, Thelma and Louise and comedies like Car Trouble, Two for the Road, the horror genre (Christine, Duel, our own Mr Wrong) or the speed-oriented dramas (Gone in 60 Seconds, Vanishing Point).

I also exclude remakes like The Italian Job and Goodbye Pork Pie because I hate remakes and anyway they are mostly too current to have many real classic cars in the background.

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