As the last of the splendid autumn leaves fall, many of us will be dreading the thought of winter – cold, dark, early-morning starts and long wet weekends. Strangely, I enjoy winter and the crisp clear days that many of us in the south experience after a hard frost. I have spent a number of winters in the UK and am always intrigued with the mind-set of many classic-car owners. Winter, it would seem, is a time when very few classics are on the road. Most appear to get tucked away into the depths of a garage, clad with expensive car covers, while systems are drained – or filled with all sorts of the winter treatments that seem to be on the market these days.

The owner of our featured car, Emma Jane, grew up in the deep south of the South Island and knows what a hard winter can be like. However, she has always been drawn to convertibles, and “if it’s not raining, the top will always be down.”

Emma Jane and her Herald

Emma Jane’s first car-related memory was provided by her grandfather’s early Singer. “I vividly remember sitting in it pretending to drive. It had a push-out windscreen, running boards, and the interior had that wonderful smell of leather.”

At the age of 15 Emma Jane got her licence, and her first car was a little Mini. In her early 20s the first of three Triumph Heralds came into her life. “It was a 1964 Triumph Herald convertible, white with red interior – I absolutely loved it! I think this is where my love of convertibles started.”

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