The story of the Ford Motor Company is well documented, but it all began when the company was incorporated in 1903. From the outset it was the ambition of the founder, Henry Ford, to provide motoring – at that time the preserve of the wealthy – at a reasonable cost for the masses. The first Ford production car was the Fordmobile – an astonishing 1800 examples being built during 1903 and 1904. From very early on, Ford was assembling in a week what most manufacturers might build in a year. In 1904 a new model Ford was released, the Model B – beginning Ford’s run of so-called ‘letter cars’, culminating in the famous Model T, released late in 1908. By then, around 18,200 Fords had already been built, making the Ford Motor Company the most prolific carmaker to date.

However, with the Model T things would really boom!

Ford’s Production Records

The Model T was Henry Ford’s ideal vehicle – it was rugged, simple, economical, easy to operate and inexpensive to buy. It proved to be exactly what the masses needed. Production of other models ceased and the sole offering from Ford would remain the Model T. It was around December 1915 that Ford sold their millionth Model T. By this time the company was producing an amazing 42,000 cars a month, and it was all going so fast that the millionth-car milestone went by unnoticed. Model T sales continued exponentially and when the 10-millionth car was built in 1924, Ford was ready for that high point, and great publicity surrounded the event. The actual 10-millionth car was retained by the company and remains on display to this day.

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