Over the past decade, there’s been a huge boom in the sale of caravans and motorhomes as more and more baby boomers pass the 65-year age barrier. Adding to this phenomenon is ever-increasing number of people in their mid-50s who are either opting for early retirement or planning to slow down on their work commitments to enjoy more leisure time.

Unlike past generations — who largely spent their twilight years puzzling over crosswords, pottering around in the home workshop or growing tomatoes — these new retirees want to remain active and live for today, rather than the future.

At one time, the trend in New Zealand would see these Kiwis buying beachside baches and cribs, or lakeside cabins. Alas, with property prices sky-rocketing ever upwards, these basic holiday homes are now priced well beyond most people’s pockets.

Instead, moved by the romance of the great Kiwi road-trip, more and more seniors are becoming more mobile – hitting the tarmac to explore those parts of New Zealand they’ve always wanted to…

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